Home Theater Projector



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I've been considering buying a home theater projector now for a few months and wanted to get some opinions before I get one.

It would be used almost exclusively for watching DVD's (and soon high def ones). Does anyone here have a relatively new home theater projector (not just a business one) with some advice?

Right now my top projector choices are the Panasonic PT-AX100U and the Sanyo PLV-Z5 along with a 100" -110" screen. The room is about 18'X13' and has good light control.

One concern is whether or not I should hold out for a 1080p projector rather than getting a 720p projector. Right now the 1080p ones are about $4500 on up, and a good 720p projector can be had for $1500. Prices have been falling quite rapidly on the 1080p projectors, but I really don't want to wait forever to get a good one.