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I plan to buy a network kit to connect two or three computers together to play games. I am considering the D-Link DFE 905 10/100 kit. Has anyone had any experience with this kit? The only review I have found said it was a good buy, with minimal documentation. Any information, tips, etc would be greatly appreciated. Where do I find cable class information? Thanks


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Bill, see my post in this section on my D-Link cards under the subject "Network not working" before u purchase.

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I recently purchased a DLink network kit (DE-906). I had no experience setting up a network. The documentation with this kit wasn't very thorough. I did have a few problems, but mostly with setting the protocols. The documentation with the DFE kits are suppose to be more thorough. Also, the tech support was very helpful. I even had their tech support call me to ask what problems I was having. I read a lot of articles before chosing a kit and I would highly recommend the DLink kits.


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I'm networked with my son's computer as client and cannot connect to MSN Fighter Ace on-line game...he can from his computer as server...we're using SYGATE...any ideas why? I can get to the main room but it just stalls at thet point.


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I recently purchase a D-Link DFE 905 10/100 kit and was up and running in less than an hour. Networking 2 to 4 computers was a snap with this kit. Throughput is also very good. If you plan on modemshare and use the internet for all pc's, I highly recommend Rideshare v2.01 - http://www.itserv.com/rideway

Excellent documentation and very easy to setup.


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I just purchased and installed the D-Link DE-906. Everything went great. There is a multiple-part post on networking on this web-board that I printed out to supplement the directions that came with my kit. Had no problems getting up and running (getting the case back on the Compaq was another matter...) I have not had any problems so far and I am very pleased with the results.