Hoe to overclock the P3-500?



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How do you overclock the P3-500?
I tried running it at 113X5 and 124X5 but everytime it loads up it will register the speed the windows will not start. It keeps going to some Windows Registry backup utility and then restarts the computer over and over. And my registry keeps getting resetted when I change it back to 5X100 to run windows again. I never had so much problems with my Celerons.
I'm running a P3-500, Abit BH6(updated bios),128MB PC-100 Ram,SB Live, TNT2 32MB Ultra, etc...


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You may not be able to do much about that. First of all, dont expect Celeron rates of overclocking - the limit of the Deschutes core is somewhere around 600-650MHz, so you wont be able to push the 500MHz much higher. Id say the best you could hope for is about 550-575MHz, depending on what FSB speeds your m/b offers.

112MHz should work, most 500s seem to be alright with that. The problem isnt necessarily your CPU, remember. If could be that your 100MHz RAM cant handle 112MHz. I doubt it would be a PCI or AGP conflict at only 112, but you never know, you could have a picky card.

Try it with different RAM, if possible. Also, try removing any cards possible first, so you can eliminate them as a source of error. Also, you could try a small hike in voltage, that has been known to help on occassion. Hope that helped a little - Good luck.

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Try disabling your L2 cache and see if it will run at your selected speed. If it will than there is not much you can do about that. On my setup (PIII 500 currently @ 585) my L2 is my limiting factor.



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My P3550 does the same thing at 660. I'm not sure what the specific cause is but I'm betting it's the ram (which won't run at cas2 at 100
However, given prices now, I
ll not be getting any 133 in the near future to test it unless I can borrow some...

If you have anything slower than 113 then try that. I run my system at 112 or 110. Usually 110 because it is slightly more stable and I can clock the video a little higher...