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T&L,hmmmmm,well they better have something its been a whole year since they had a new piece of silicon......
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I also heard that they might talk about their Rampage chipset (the one schedueled after the VSA-100). This will probably have hardfware T&L.

I found two interesting notes on T%L in an article from Aces Hardware. In Quake3 with the triangle count upped to 15,000 triangle per screan the Athlon 700 only gained a 17.5% boost from T&L at default clock speeds. Admittadly this is nice, but 1G will be a farely common speed by this summer (4-5 months).

Of coarse he actually pointed out that the Voodoo3 3000 performed MUCH better than he expected, beating just about everything in games that utilized GLIDE (it's not dead yet). It also showed the the Voodoo3 performed MUCH better on the K6-2s and IIIs.

Of coarse the GeForce based test of Dagoth Moore Zoological Gardens at only 640x480x16 had the Athlon 700 got a 32% boost over the TNT2 but only a 22% boost on the Athlon 800. You know that looks a lot like a bandwidth cap at only 20-40,ooo triangle at paultry low resolution (I doubt fill rate comes into play at 640x480). And this is a demo to "show off" the T%L of the GeForce 256. The NV-15 does not bump up the bandwidth much (based on specs floating around), most say 300-350Mhz DDR. These test were with the GeForce 256 DDR at 300Mhz.

Check out the article yourself:


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Right, I'm sure if 3Dfx ever implements T&L it'll be a high fill-rate card as well. But they are infamous for cutting corners. Now the GeForce really shows it's strenghth on systems with lower CPU power, for example, on mine I get a huge performance increase on Quake3 over my Voodoo3. These are the potions I had to weigh, which card would benefit me more with my current setup, and the GeForce was it. Now I did get faster framerates using Glide on Unreal Tournament though, by about 5 or so, but I get better framerates with higher resolutions with the GeForce.

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I would like to see some better thinking going into graphics card design, firstly putting the all hot parts on the other side of the board would help as 90% of us have got towers these days. having a red hot GPU on the underside of the board is stupid.

Also why not fit graphics cards with dim slots so the memory can be increased or updated, the DDR Geforce is already lacking memory for texture support in Q3. This could make cards more affordable & upgradeable. The card companies could make their own type of ram if they were worried about lost sales.

with the ability to add more memory to a Geforce card would make it last longer for early subscribers like me.