High end video cards.. tv tuner?



New Member
G'day.. I've read up a bit about Creative 3D Blaster Annihilator 2 and Hercules 64MB Prophet II GeForce 2 GTS and I'm wondering if anyone knows of a Tv tuner card that would go great with either of these cards. I don't think I read anything about either of these cards having the Tv tuner built in.

Now I don't have either card. I'm still using a video card from the 90's... ahh the memories. It's just about around that time to upgrade... BIG TIME!

I've also read about Matrox G400 TV and I'm also wondering if that tv tuner in that card really is that great. Part of me feels that it's better to just get a tv tuner that is separate from the video card as for certain the video cards today will become out of date from today's games. I can't even run SOF with my video card.. That's how out of date it is. Things change in 4 years.

Any recommendations in a separate tv tuner card? Any problems with Hercules' or Creative Lab's new video card? I heard that Voodoo's 5500 card has a poor tv tuner somewhere. Anyone out there can confirm that? Quality is very important to me as it is to most of you.

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