High end TnT



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I've recently been browsing the TnT AGP2x cards. I'm looking for the best I can get under $200. Any Suggestions?

I was thinking the Canopus 2500 because I have herd good things
However, the STB Velocity 4400, Diamond V550, and the Creative Labs Graphics Blaster all seem to be cheaper.


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I just read a review of TnT Cards.
It said at the end that the power requirements for TnT cards may be more than some motherboards can handel.
One board mentioned was the AsusP2L97.
I have an Asus P2B. Can anyone tell me if I should stay away from TnT?


If you board has a power incompatability with a card, you can buy fixes for it, At pricewatch.com I've seen motherboard voltage adjuster type things. The Canopus is more expensive because it has a different tv/out decoder than the others. IT allows simultaneous monitor/tv . The others don't
I boguht a Velocity TnT and am very happy with it , and it's tv out. It is either or/ but i don't really need tv and monitor together anyway