Hi I'm new here



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Howdy folks. My name is Bill and I'm retired. I've been into computers since my Commodore 64 days and I just love 'em. I was browsing for new forums to join and this one caught my eye. I like this color scheme, it's very attractive so it got me. :)

I like building computers and I just built this system a few months ago. It was a very basic system (started with a Sandy Bridge Celeron) and I've been upgrading it piece by piece every month. It's almost done, just a couple more months LOL. Then I can use the extras and build another system to put up for sale and get some money back or maybe keep 'em for back up.

Anyway, glad to meet y'all and see y'all in the threads.. :)


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Welcome Celery.. Nice to see that you can build system.. I hope that we will see your build systems here..