Hey guys, -coldfusion- is locked out.



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This is the content of his e-mail:

Hey i'm -coldfusion-,
i changed my e-mail address to [email protected] and the profile said a new pass will be sent to me but it has not so i can not post i am stuck now with an account i want to use but can't! you gotta help me Niteowl!(i have to talk about roast duck more).

This is the content of his second e-mail:

oh and that is the wrong e-mail address!
it is suppsoed to be [email protected]
i did a silly thing but i want my account back! maybe you could as the admin to delete my account so i re-sign up??
(or even sign-up as "coldfusion")
thanx alot

It would be great if you guys can help him out! Thanks.


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His pass has been re-emailed to him...

Please tell him to verify it works..


Michael Jarmark