Hercules Terminator Beast?



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I'm going to buy an AMD K6-2 (or maybe K6-3 if I wait long enough) at prolly around 350-400 mhz. I just read up a little on the Terminator Beast and it looks to completely waste any competition. So I was wondering if anyone has had any experience w/ it?

I'm mostly curious about how well it works w/ an AMD processor and how compatable it is for Directx and games.



Form what I've read, the SAvage 3d chipset is ver fast. But from what I've seen, it is just very problematic. It's easy to waste the competition on paper. Everone claims to be the fastest. If you do, however , want S3. Hercules is about to release a new Beast, with more ram, tv out, video capture, and dvd add-on. I just bought a STB Velocity 4400 and am very satisfied.


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Hi Bebong - my boss had purchased a beast, and had nothing but problems during the install. It wouldn't even run one of the sample games that came with it! He has a PII 333. He took it back and got the viper v550, which I own myself, and is very happy with it (I LOVE IT!)