Hercules gone mad



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Hello folks,
Unless I'm wrong, Hercules will:
- take care of ATI's retail cards in Europe
- perhaps acquire PowerVR (Kyro chips designer)
- not produce GF4-based cards

Hmmm, the two former might explain the latter, but I'm not sure it's a smart move...

nVidia's competition mainly in the hands of one single company here is... DOH!!


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Originally posted by Secrom:

- not produce GF4-based cards
I think they have done good move.

Competition on the market for nVIDIA based 3D accelerators is BIG, and that means profits are low.

So why not go ahed and make something that is cheapre then GF4 and make even greater profits.


It's great news I think, especially for ATI and for us poor Europeans that get the shitty deal everytime!

Good point, miha76. Also think about how nVidia has to risk losing credibility amongst its consumer-base just becuase it entrusts its products to 3rd party manufacturers that sometimes do pretty lousy jobs. I think this factor is partly to blame for people often associating nVidia image quality with being below that of the competition... nVidia themselves don't manufacture the output stages of the cards so have limited control over the final image quality. At the moment ATI has much more control over how their chips are implemented as video graphics solutions.

Random Hercules 8500 pic:


More # please...


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Ok, nice point about the GF.

Could that mean though that, with less competition on the ATI front, prices won't be as interesting for the end-user as they could be (in Europe, that is)?

Sure, you say "cheaper than GF4", and they have to compete against nVidia cards...

Bah, I'm speculating... ATI might still have a RSP... Typically me, starting talking things I have not looked into long enough