Hercules 3D Prophet II Ultra Review



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nVidia has, for some time, been producing faster and faster graphics cards, usually accompanied by higher and higher prices. The GeForce 2 Ultra is the best example yet, with blazing speed and retail price over $500. Check out Hercules' version of the card, the 3D Prophet II Ultra, and see if it's worth your cash.



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Personally I'm waiting for the release of the NV20. Which I'm thinking will be an early 2001 release. The Ultra is really just an example of more money being thrown at a problem (memory bandwidth) rather than new technologies.
With the NV20 NVIDIA will finally be going some way to render images more effishently, using HSR or tile based rendering, along with the Z-buffer compression the latest detonator drivers have brought to the table.

Anyways, who wants a DX7 card, when DX8 has been released


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The performance of the ultra isnt marginally above that of the GeF2. I don't think that 10fps is worth $350 more. I'm just going to order a GeF2 GTS DDR while they're moderately cheap. As for the next generation of cards, well I dont want to wait till 2001, my TNT2 is really ticking me off.

Got CPU?


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I wish I had an extra 500 dollars to spend on a graphics card, because that one looks great!



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Hey all,

I just ordered a new PC, with a Hurcules 3D Prophet GeForce II ULTRA GTS 64 meg DDR.

But, i wanted to find out what the difference is between the 3D Prophet GeForce II ULTRA, and the 3D Prophet GeForce II ULTRA GTS ... Or if there is any diff.



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not only did i spell Hercules wrong, i also didnt put up my new system specs ..

The month of may just got 7 times slower, waiting for it :)

Without further ado, here are the new system specs:


Processor: AMD 1200MHz (266MHz Bus) Thunderbird Processor w/ 3D Now Tech.

Memory: 256MB PC2100 DDR RAM (AMD only)

Motherboard: Asus A7M266 (Athlon-DDR), 1 AGP, 5 PCI, 2 USB, AGP4X, 266MHz FSB, Ultra ATA/100

Case: Mid Tower Case (Beige), 3 5.25, 3 3.5 Bays, 300W Power Supply ">Case

Hard Drive: IBM Deskstar 30GB 75GXP 7200RPM Ultra ATA/100

CD-ROM Drive: IDE Plextor Plexwriter CD-R/RW 12xW, 10XRW, 32XR (Burn Proof)

Video Card: Hercules 3D Prophet II GeForce2 ULTRA GTS 64MB DDR AGP w/ TV out
(Includes Innerworks Dual Video Cooling)

Monitor: NEC 19" Monitor

Sound Card: Creative Labs SoundBlaster Live! X-Gamer

Speakers (4.1) Klipsch ProMedia v.2-400 4 Spk w/ Subwoofer (Black) $249

Operating System: Microsoft Windows Millennium Pre-installed & Configured (With CD & Certificate)

Mouse: Microsoft Intelli Explorer (Optical).

Keyboard: Microsoft Natural Elite Keyboard

Warranty: Standard 1-Year Parts, Labor, Shipping, & 3-Year Free Tech Support, $0.00

Total: $2252.00 (American)
so, in Canadian funds, i had to sell my first born.

Enjoy !


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