Hercules 3D Prophet II GTS Pro 64MB or ASUS V7700 Pure 64MB?



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I was wondering what softwares offer was better as I think the performances are quite the same for the 2 cards.


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Asus by far has better software in my opinion, you have Asus DVD (WinDVD), 2 games (Drakan, Rollcage), and 12 Game Demos. Asus also comes with a winbond chip, so you can watch the temperature and make sure it doesnt get too hot.

I think the Hercules just comes with game demos.

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Get the Hercules if you want your vid card to be blue.

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Another card you may want to consider is the Abit 64mb GTS, which from what I have heard overclocks very well.

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You're right about that ArG, almost all GTS based cards perform the same. I have an Asus V7700 Pure and I'm quite hppy with it. I would've gone for the Hercules but the price difference it quite signifcant. Either card you get will give you the same performance. It all depends pretty much on what sofware bundle you want


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Well, I think I'll go for the Asus V7700. I got another question. I might as well get a DVD; would I need a decompression card to run DVD Movies on my TV (with the TV-out on the video Card)? I could get a Hollywood Plus for about 40 bucks, just want to know if it's usefull
I think it's for MPG-2 decompression but I'm not sure...


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Forget my previous post !
I didn't realize you were talking about
400 MHz DDR board

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