Herc Dynamite TNT



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I just finished building my new PC(P2 400, 128 RAM, Win98)and am looking now to upgrade my video card. I know hercules has had its share of troubles...heck, I fell for the stingray voodoo rush chipset...but I've been reading reviews on the dynamite board and all I've seen have been favorable, especially the price. Does anyone out there have any experiance with it that could give me a little extra insight? Anyone had any trouble with it?


I would buy it. I ahve a STB Velocity 4400 TNT and it is sweet. Hercules has had problems, but most were due to the chipmaker, and not them.Doodoo Rush was 3dfx's fault, as much as anyones. Plus, Hercules just was bought out by ELsa, which means a large infusion of cash, which always helps a company. ibought a Thriller 3d, Rendition V2200 card, The card had some problems, mainly due to Renditions bassackward way of running their company. But the Hercules people were vewry helpful to me.