help with sound



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i recently upgraded my pc its a gigabyte p45 ud3l c2duo e8400 nvidia geforce 9400gt 500watt psu 4gb ballistix pc2 8500 hauppauge 2250 tv card hooked upto a sceptre 46inch tv .since the upgrade" cpu and videocard" i have no sound through the tv. if i hook up some pc speakers i get very low sound .tried system restore and messed w/ the nvidia set up but still cant figure it out no cnflicts in device manager.tried two differentspeaker cables also.cant think of anything else to post aboit the issue could it be the onboard sound on the motherboard ?????


weissmertz said:
... gigabyte p45 ud3l ... if i hook up some pc speakers i get very low sound ...
Provided that the "upgrade" was conducted correctly,

Were those speakers powered?
IF they were and you ended up with low volume,
Double check the volume controls.


You can eliminate the oboard audio as issue.
Test the mobo's onboard audio by connecting/testing with a standard powered pc speakers.