Help With Signing Into Chrome on Win10



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I have Win10 on this laptop only, and I have Win7 on everything else I have. They are both 64 bit. I am able to sign into Chrome on all of my Win7 machines, but I have tried every trick I know, incl. the exact instructions that Google offered. Let me say here the Google CEO should be shot for the ultra crappy support they offer, and for making FREE volunteers to do all of their dirty Cust. Svc. There, it's out of my system.

The way I fixed the problem in Win7 was adding another Chrome user. I signed OUT of Chrome on Win7, then created a 2nd user, using the same email, and it worked. However, the same approach just won't work with Win10. I've tried creating a local Admin account in Win10, and signing in with that, but still no success. I've tried using the 32Bit, and 64Bit Chrome versions. I've posted on Win10 Forum, as well as the Chrome Product forum. Again, those guys are pathetic, I've been better at finding solutions than they have. The guys at Win10 Forum were great at least at offering viable solutions, but they can't figure it out either, and they ARE NOT having issues. BTW, before you ask I just had to buy an entirely new HDD on this laptop, and install Windows all over again, and it STILL doesn't work.

Any suggestions?