Help with 3D Catalyst pre-saved profile



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Hi all !
I have an ATI Video Card (9800 Pro - MSI), and I would like some hints about the "3D management"...
I would like to have 4 different "3D profile", depending of the kind of game that I play (for example, some with 4X AA, others with 2X AA, anothers with NO AA, etc...). I have tried to save some profiles into the Catalyst driver (4 different 3D profiles), but I am having an issue; so, I would like to know what I am doing wrong...
What happens is: When I estabilish some profile (which was LOADED when I started my PC), and I play the game, its all OK... But when I will go to play another game (which needs another "pre-saved" profile), and I estabilish/load it in the Catalyst, it seems that my video card do not assume (accept) the new one, which has different parameters from the antecedent; I need to restart my PC to that it can accept it... Is it right? Why do we have the option of to pre-create (and save) some different 3D profiles into the driver, if the video card can not assume it momentarily, as soon as when we change it? Is it an issue of my specific video card or not??
If I am doing something wrong (if there is some procedure I am not doing), let me know, please...
Thanks in advance for any additional information!