Help! water system for cooling cpu!!



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What do i need for a water cooling system?? Where can i go to get info about water cooling? Whats the average temp the cpu well get?? And people with a water cooling system on there p3-450/celeron slot-1 366; how high can you guys get your cpu to??


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For water cooling info, I just went to and searched for info on: socket 7 liquid cooling. I seemed to get alot of hits on all sockets and slots water cooling, not just socket 7. I learned alot about it...good luck, not sure about the temp part.


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or you can just ask right here on HWC

ok the short and compact version of what liquid cooling can get you looks something like this........
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But, this is very extreme, with almost now compromize to pure performance... and it's not where it ends, you can get even colder....

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