Help w/Master/Slave problem..



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On most drives i've seen, Master was the right-most set of pegs in the three (i.e ::| )

but on the DVD-ROM I have, it's the other way around. (i.e |:: )

It's on the secondary IDE, so I assume the left-most set of pegs is the master. I was just wondering where slave would be on those three sets of pegs.

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It should have it labelled in the back if you look closely. Slave will be labeled SLA.

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The manufacturers site will usually have a diagram that shows the Master/Slave/CableSelect jumper positions, too.

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It wasn't labeled as far as I could tell, I looked pretty close. As for looking for a label on the top, I can't because the DVD-ROM is on the very top, so I couldn't look at it without removing it. I don't know who manufactured the drive either because my whole system was pre-made by Dell