help to choose a celeron



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i have a celeron 400 but i want more power
so what is the best celeron to buy for speed,stability,value and which board should i buy for best results

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The best Celeron value is probably the new Celeron2. If you want to overclock it, that is.
The original Celeron is still a very capable processor - and with the right motherboard you may not need a new CPU.
A good motherboard for overclocking is the Abit BE6 rev2. It has tons of FSB settings.
You can run any Slot1 processor including the P3 FlipChip if you use a Slocket2 adapter card. A very versatile motherboard.

If you can run that C400 at 552MHz (92fsb) on a motherboard tht has 1/3PCI clock divider enabled below 100MHz(some Abit boards have this feature starting at 92MHz) then you will have a very fast processor that doesn't really need to be upgraded.



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yo TN i got a matched pair of Celeron 366 Malay week 36 they should be coming soon ,they are coming from california. got them for $68 american each. How do u think these will do? i hope they do good, also i have a BP6 rev 1.1 i hope i dont have the porb everyone else has been talking about!

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