help regarding a lockup with pIII 600 + TNT2



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I am geting real desparate now, my machine locks up about 9 times a day at work, forcing me to lots tos of stuff all over again

It just locks up the mouse moves, with no response, and the pc speaker emits a sound kind of similar to a geiger counter !! (click,click,click on every movement of the mouse) I have a sneaking suspician that it may be to do with the TNT 2 card installed. I know its not an ram issue as I have tried other ram.

Any help will be appreciated

(occasionaly it gets a kernal32 error too, if that helps)

thanks everyone


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TNT cards are generally very stable it may be that there is an IRQ conflict with another device. What is it showing in your control panel> system > device manager settings.

Some graphics cards do not like to share IRQs with sound or network cards.

The other obvious thing is when the TNT card was installed were the drivers for your old graphics card removed properly. You can check on your current card by removing the drivers and changing the graphics adapter to a standard PCI VGA card. If there are no problems with this then it is probably not your graphics card. Re-install the TNT drivers and see how it goes.