I am going to build a new duron system shortly. All i have ever delt with before is 3dfx products. With all the topics pertaining to nvidia being hard to get to run and incompatibility problems should i go with the gts or get a voodoo5 5500 agp? If the performance between them both is slight then i think i will use voodoo. My experience with the voodoos all were very good.

I just want some opinions. Thanks


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Well, I've got a Voodoo5 5500, and personally I'm very happy with it. Ran like a charm straight out of the box. Plug it in, install the drivers, that's it. No crashes, no major bugs, no messing up with the mobo's bios. It just runs in all games I've tried so far. Maybe I'm just getting old and lazy, but I really like it when that happens.

And you just have to see for yourself what 3DFX's 4xFSAA can do for a game. Basically Unreal Tournament actually looks better in 16 bit with 4xFSAA than in 32 bit on any other card. Not only there is none of the 16 bit banding, but the colours look exactly like on my old Matrox G400 in 32 bit. (And that's a card fabled for its image quality.)

Static screenshots just don't do it justice. Especially when they're from a very low contrast game like Quake 3.

Admittedly, I did have to download the LOD bias hack to maxx out the video quality, though, since the default setting kinda sucks for FSAA.

Bear in mind, though, that the current batch of Voodoo5 drivers are NOT well optimized for the Athlon. I've compared my benchmark scores on my Athlon to those of someone with a much lower clocked P3. Basically my jaw dropped. My Athlon churned over 33% more polygons per second, but his P3 did slightly better in everything else, including fill rate. (How can drivers screw THAT up, is beyond me.)

Mind you, it's not a slow card by any means. It's very fast. But, well, it could be better if 3DFX got around to optimizing their drivers for the Athlon.

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