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I wish to over clock my intel P-4 1.5 gig cpu
/raid board with soft menuII.....
I don't wish the upper limit but I would like to get the the most for the money.
This is my first time at this so please be clear as I can not afford a new cpu at present, I 'am running a raid striped at 2 x 7200 rpm wd 40 gig hdds, o/s me mother board th7-raid.....128 rdram... 300 watt pws.
Thank you

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well if you don't want to kill anything start slow...first keep the stock vcore...start bumping up the fsb in small amounts...repeatedly rebooting and playing around...then when its alittle unstable bump the vcore up a bit and start's all really trial and error..almost everysystem is different...between getting a better chip or mobo...or memory...just start playing if you don't touch anything internally i doubt you will wreck anything...if anything you'll try to post too fast and it won't and you'll have to reset the bios...big deal...

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For a "Mild" overclock with your cpu, I wouldn't mess with the voltage for the core, Your cpu should do 1725 at stock voltage,(1.7v), with a decent heatsink/fan combo, such as what intel sends with a retail. Just keep an eye on the heat from the cpu.

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