help please - how to clone a laptop drive so i can upgrade to ssd



hi folks, I've cloned hardrives before on my desktop using acronis plenty of times - using the free version that Seagate and WD dish out with their drives but this has me a bit stumped.

the wifes laptop has been slowing down so I grabbed bargain on black Friday and got an OCZ 240gb drive. however as its a laptop I have no spare place to plug in the second drive to clone across to it. last night I tried plugging both drives into my normal pc in addition to my normal drives and to clone from there but I couldn't boot - presumably because it was finding two drives with an MBR

any advice or alternatives ways of doing this would be appreciated




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Instead of cloning, make an image BACKUP of the original drive to an external USB hard drive, install the SSD, and then RESTORE the backup onto the SSD.

Verify the version of Acronis you are using. It would need to be at least the TI 2011 equivalent to properly recognize SSDs. Otherwise, you'll have to do a realign after the restore.


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The way I did it last year on my Dell Inspiron, was to connect the ssd via usb, then clone with Acronis and finally, install the ssd in the laptop hard-drive bay.