Help: OC'd CPU reverts to rated speed



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Greetings -

Trying to OC a P3800(133). I've got a Peltier cooler on it (I have OC'd other computers before), so I don't expect heat to be a problem. First attempt was to go to 933(133). When I got out of CMOS setup, the POST reported the CPU as 800/133. Speed Error Hold was disabled, so the computer went ahead and booted up like this.

Any setting above the rated 800/133 results in being reset back to 800/133. Again, no speed error hold problem here.

Motherboard is Abit VH6. I've tried using both the 933/133 preset, and the user specified settings (still 933/133); same results as before.

How can I get the CPU to accept and boot at any setting higher than the rated 800/133?

Thanks for any help.




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if it is an 800B (i.e. 133 bus is stardard setting) then you're not going to get very far. are you trying to bump the FSB or change the multiplier? the latter is not possible... no matter what you set it to in softmenu, it will force the locked 8x multiplier.



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you need to up the front side bus speed before you can overclock your cpu. all intel cpus nowdays have a locked multiplier.

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