Help, My Banshee Is Bieng Awkward!!!!


Mr Phatt

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I have a K6/2 300 witha voodoo banshee.
1.Can i optomize the card to use the 3d now technonlogy?

2.My banshee wont run older games in 3d such as GTA. It says "What 3d Card" (to which i reply; "the one i just spent 3 hours installing!!!!". Have is set it up wrong or what?


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Well, to utilize 3DNow go to AMD's website and get the latest drivers, the go to snd download the latest banshee drivers, then go to the makers of the game and download their latest drivers then go to the makers of your card ie: Creative and download their latest drivers. This should work..


no ,no,the best banshee drivers out are at goto drivers then voodoo banshee and d/l and read the install insructions in the readme.And disreguard there statement saying use your board manufactorer's drivers and use 3dfx drivers.they are optimized for 3dnow,also if gta is a software rendering game that thats what your gonna get software rendering.The game has to be writen for glide or d3d or opengl to get hardware acceleration.You may have to uninstall the game then reinstall and it will find your new card or go into the games setup and check off glide or direct 3d or open gl,good luck....