Help! MWave and 98 compatability



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I am updating a 2176-C66 to run win98 (Full version). So far after fdisk 98
loaded fine but won't find the MWave 33.6/MPU-401 combo. Downloaded "Setup"
from knowlage base and installed it. Modem was recognized but audio drivers
have not been installed. Instead I get message box stating the 5 part
upgrade, showing the 5 parts with the first one checked. When I try to
install the others, I get "Part has not been installed but need to start
with part 1". Part 1 says 'Do you want to re-install?" I say YES, Part 1
does nothing! Re-install "Setup" from scratch, same thing.

Out of panic and anger and frustration, I go to machine with same hardware
but running 95 2.15 and working perfectly, I copy all associated vxd's and
dll's and put them in 98's system no avail!

What's a Mother to do?

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