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hi guys hope this is the correct section, basically ive been tasked to sort out an audio solution for my parents and have a few ideas but am a little stuck as to what sort of setup to go for so was hoping for some advice. First of all here is the criteria they are looking for...

  • Small and comact (as hidden as possibly)
  • be able to control it from the garden at times (10 meters range)
  • resonable volume levels however nothing a decent set of pc speakers cant do
  • hold their full 500 possibly more CD collection
  • an option to download new albums/tracks would be great but not required

now they are far from audiophiles, so sound quality isnt a massive issue as long as it can play a resonable quality at a fairly decent volume, but nothing a decent set of 2.1 PC speakers couldnt handle. so thats easy, ill be able to find something small compact and easy to hide away.

the part thats got me stumped is how to control it remotely from the garden, now i was thinking along the lines of a small music server with a massive hard drive to copy all the music onto, and find some sort of PDA bassed software that would allow me to setup playlists & browse the library but cant find much along these lines?

another option i considered is some sort of tablet PC, if i could get one with a big enough hard drive to hold all the music this would be ideal but i could use a network drive of some sort @ also how would i connect it to the speakers remotely?

and lastly a cheaper but bulkier alternitave to above would be a laptop, but i feel this is an easy option and id rather something smaller but its always a last resort, again though same issue as above with connecting the speakers.

sorry for all that info! anyone got any input?



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Found this on the Maplin website, might not be what you want but might give you an idea ?

Would you convert those CD's to MP3 ? Might take up less space and you wouldn't need to keep changing CD's, just click on a playlist and load whichever tracks you want to listen too and then save the playlists for future use, some on a Netbook for example and the rest on a external hard drive for loading up at any time. I use an Atom powered Netbook as my main media player. Netbooks don't have a built-in CD/DVD drive so I use an external drive for playing CD/DVD's and an external portable 1Tb hard drive loaded with MP3's that I can load/unload onto the Netbook saving space so that I only have what I want to listen too loaded , all works fine, external speakers can be plugged into the sound out jack or, as in my set up, an external sub-woofer with satellite speakers, awesome sounds, great bass, couldn't want more and really great when used with a programe like Jet Audio or something similar with lots of effects. bass boost, loudness etc etc ;)
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Or, how about this idea.

Laptop, with internet access, wireless. Additional external hard drive loaded with playlists/mp3's. Load what playlists you want onto the laptop. Inside the house a stereo amp connected to a subwoofer and satellite speakers or just a pair of good quality speakers. Use the Maplin gizmo when in the garden or direct connection between laptop and amp when inside the house ?

Stereo amps are quite cheap these days as are external hard drives and normal speakers/subwoofers!