HELP! I set my monitor refresh rate wrong, and I'm stuck!



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What can I do to see a picture again...all I see is black screen with the blue box saying Out of Scan Range. The reset button on my monitor doesn't even work. I am trying to install my new ELSA Winner II 32 MB S4 video card, and everything went fine up until I tried to change the refresh rate. Argh! Please help, anyone. Thanks a lot!


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If you are using Windows 95 or NT you should be able to reboot the computer and choose VGA mode this will enable you to reset the display properties to a safe setting.


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Reboot and hold down the F8 key, at the menu select safe mode, this will boot up using standard VGA drivers then remove your video card under device manager and reboot, when the card reinstalls it will do so with default settings and this should sort out your problem.


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Try adjusting the dials on the front of your monitor to make the screen a smaller size. It sounds like you might have made the display to take up the entire screen, then when you reset the refresh rate it made the display a little larger than your monitor can handle. Just press the buttons to make your screen have a smaller display or press the reset button on the monitor.