Help choosing HD please?



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With my K7M I run one WD and one Maxtor. Both are ATA66, 7200 rpm. The Max is very quiet but the WD isn't really noisey. They both bench about the same on HD Tach. Since ATA66 is not fully utilized I don't see much point in buying into ATA100 yet. There are better, more expensive drives but with the no-hassle warranty and ease of installation I am happy.


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The best preformace you can get at this time is a 7200rpm for your main boot drive. ATA66 vs. ata33 is nothing much to get upset about if your mobo doesn't support it.

These new Maxtor Diamond Max Plus Series HD's are very fast, and super quiet. Full 3 year warrany, and they rock. You also can't go wrong with WD or IBM 7200 drives.


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I'd grab either an IBM 7200RPM 2MB Buffer UDMA/66 HDD or a Maxtor 7200RPM 2MB Buffer UDMA/66 HDD. Both of those are excellent hard drives and you'll be happy with either one