HELP, cant boot into win98



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I got some errors while defragmenting my HD with NOrtun Utilities.
My system is overclocked [email protected], i tried this setting cause it seemed faster in 3d games than @558, but like this my pci is @40, so when i restart it, now it will always crash while loading windows98
i can boot into dos and i can see that my swap file is gone from the root directory
how can i get it back to work again?
can i copy a swap file from another system?
Scandisk doesnt report any error, i also underclocked to the default speed (450) and is the same...
any recomendations?

I used scandisk and no errors, it just crash while loading windows


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You need to reinstall windows. The defragmentation program must have created a corrupt file needed to load windows.

What hard drive do you have? Defragmentation is probably the biggest stress you can put on your hd, and being overclocked it obviously isnt 100% stable.

You might want to consider putting your hd in a lower mode, such as PIO 4.


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I agree with Pduck, you have to reload windows. Also, remember that OCing the FSB also OCs the IDE/ATA buss unless specific and explicit measures are taken, which may not even be available on a given system. The HARD lesson, manipulation of systems level data should be done at default values. I too have lost whole weekends reloading OSes and drivers onto such systems.


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Hey thaks a lot guys.
I also think is the only way. (reinstal windows), i just wanted to be sure cause as u all know, is so boring to do that, and also lose all the updates.
What is the higher safest pci frequency i can use?


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Well you were at 40Mhz, but have you had any problem before you defragmented. If not then I would say keep it at either 38 or 40 and just don't defragment again. Your drive will most likely never have a read error, only write.

An idea might be to install everything at 33Mhz and then turn it up once everything is written. If you got a write error then it would only touch your swap file - hence easy to reboot


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well don't quote me if I am wrong but doesn't windows delete the swap file every time you shut windows down. unless you make a permenant one!

you can also just throw the windows CD in and do a refresh. no need to format.