[email protected]!!!!!!! Colorific & 3Deep with CL TNT



I just download Colorific and 3Deep from Creative Websiteee...the problem is..!!!I don't have the Color key.ButI do have thecolor reference card!!....When setup begins...the program asked for a Color Key Spectral Code n0#.And the funny thing is...my CL Graphic Blaster RivaTNt didn't supply any color key...i had contacted Creative for support but they answer...bla...bla...bla....bla without any help!!...I hope any of you can help me very much and a big thank you toyou...Even though my friend got a color key...he is very selfish of telling me...all i asked is only the color key......PLEAAEse!!#!#


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Hey man,what is color key?How come i didnt have to have one?Tell me where to find it,is it somewhere on the card itself or what?


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Hi there ?
I did the same download weeks a go and i had the same problem, so what i have done is very simple in the back of the reference card you will have a serial number.
I use that number and install the colorofic and 3deep.
I hope that work for you to


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Hey if you don't have the back of your card, let me know. I had to return a bad Savage 4, but accidently kept the color card OOPS
. I can Email the number to you.
But you will have to help me. How did you get yours to work if it is an AGP. I have to use the Drivers from S3 to get mine to work but my DOS is 2 inches off center from Windows and is kind of annoying.
Glad to help,

need of help

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hello sorry to bother u but im in pretty much the same situation so if u did get the serial number would u mind e-mailing it me please