Heatsink problem, am I doing the wrong thing?



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After receiving my Globalwin VGS08H, I took off the retail P3 heatsink/fan. I rubbed out the left-over white fluid (the silicon thermal compound, I assume) with my finger, I applied a new layer of silicon thermal compound on the P3 chip. However in Windows without game running, the temperature of my P3 450 surged from 46c to 60c. Anything wrong here? BTW, what is the dark grey square area on the new heatsink? Should I rubbed out those thing or shouldn't I apply any compound on my P3? Thanks.


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The square grey area on your heatsink is a pad to use if you are not using heatsink compound. I usually scrape them off with a razor blade and just use heatsink compound. Use just enough compound to cover the surface and make good contact. You can check this by taking the heatsink off after you put it on and see what kind of pattern the heatsink compound left behind. Your temp should drop alot after that. Make sure your fan is working also. Sometimes people let wires hit the blades when the case is closed (this stops the fan).


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Its a thermal pad.. Get rid of either the grease, or the pad, if you use both there is too much of a gap between the chip and sink. I would recommend doing like todays said and scrape off the pad and put a thin layer of thermal grease.. Thin is the key, dont go overboard.. more is not better..