HDMI Question



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I would like to be able to connect my computer to my TV via HDMI what are my options... any recomended Video card or Motherboard I currently have a few PC's at home from an MSI Mobo AMD2 5600+ with 2 gig of ram to a Intel P4 2.4. I have an extra AMD2 processor (think it's a 4200+) and am not opposed to starting from the MOBO up but would be more interested in a video card upgrade that includes HDMI (if the quality is there) for my main PC

thanks for any help you can offer



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any of the ati24xx series graphic cards should work for you. they comes in both agp and pcie. there are even a few pci out there. there are also quite a few amd mobo with hdmi output (690g, 7050v, 680) on the market and the intel mobo with hdmi are finally coming out.

just make sure that you get a dvi to hdmi converter with the card since a regular dvi to hdmi converter does not work correctly due to different pin layout.