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Hi all!
I've been reading a lot lately about people setting up HDTV antenna and using their hdtvs to watch hd tv for free. I'm interested in trying something like this but I'm not sure what else I would need besides the antenna. I also would like to know what I would need to build a an "entertainment" pc. I have a rig that I use for gaming and such, but that's it. If I'm going to start a new project I need a good starting place to figure out what compenents I would need and what vid cards work best etc...

Has anyone set up an hd antenna that can shed some light on this situation for me? I live in Washington D.C., and from what I saw on attennaweb.org there seem to be a good number of broadcast options in my area.



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Sure. I have an HD-ready LCD TV. Basically, the TV (Magnavox 26" widescreen) has a bazillion connections in back, and a few of these connections accommodate an HD signal from an HD tuner. Many HDTVs now have the ability to tune into HD-signals, but my TV is not one of them, so I bought an HD tuner box. The tuner box connects to my HDTV via DVI, but I could also have run HDMI (TV doesn't support it), or Composite cables (which my XB360 already uses). To hook up the antenna to the tuner box, I ran a standard coax cable to the back of the house to a basic indoor HD antenna. The reason my tuner is in the back is because that is the west side of the house and the HD broadcasts are all west of me. I figured I'd get less interruption of signal caused by my house by putting the antenna on the far end. To figure out what kind of HD antenna you need, visit this site:


Enter your address and it will tell you what networks are broadcasting in HD, what direction their signals come from, how far away you are from the signals, and what kind of HD antenna you need to acquire the HD signals. I live less than 6 miles from all the broadcasts and I live on a high spot in the city, so a standard directional antenna was all I needed. I pick up all the signals pretty well 95% of the time, pulling anywhere from 80-95% of the signal strength. Below 65%, performance gets poor. Anywhere from 85-100% will result in a great picture with no stuttering. That's the rub with HD broadcasts--you either get enough signal or you don't--with not enough signal, there's no fuzziness, just freeze-framing.

I pretty much enjoy getting the free HD signals. I'm not that big on TV watching, but when I do watch, the super-clear picture was worth the effort, especially during football season. :)


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Thanks :)

Yea, I read an article in PCMag that basically explained it, but I was hoping for some more detail. I already have an HD LCD (40" Sony Wega) and I have my DVD player hooked up with the HDMI, but I think I can just switch them out. I'll have to get a tuner box for sure though.

I checked out the website and I got this back for the digital stations:

* yellow - uhf WJLA-DT 7.1 ABC WASHINGTON DC 70° 9.5 39
* yellow - uhf WUSA-DT 9.1 CBS WASHINGTON DC 70° 9.5 34
* yellow - uhf WPXW-DT 66.1 i MANASSAS VA 229° 8.3 43
* yellow - uhf WHUT-DT 33 PBS WASHINGTON DC TBD 70° 9.5 33
* yellow - uhf WNVC-DT 57.1 IND FAIRFAX VA 142° 0.7 57
* green - uhf WTTG-DT 5.1 FOX WASHINGTON DC 67° 9.6 36
* red - uhf WDCA-DT 20.1 MNT WASHINGTON DC 70° 9.5 35
* red - uhf WETA-DT 26.1 PBS WASHINGTON DC 92° 5.5 27
* red - uhf WNVT-DT 30.1 IND GOLDVEIN VA 223° 20.7 30
* blue - uhf WRC-DT 4.1 NBC WASHINGTON DC 73° 9.1 48
* violet - uhf WFDC-DT 14.1 TFA ARLINGTON VA 73° 9.1 15

Which type of antenna do you think I should get?


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Looks like green is the one. The multi-directional antenna should pick up everything. I only needed a directional antenna, since Kansas City has a nice centralized array of broadcast towers for my viewing enjoyment. :)

As for using HDMI, I don't know if really matters. My DVI application seems to work just fine. I had to use an HDMI to DVI converter, since my tuner box didn't have a DVI out. Here's the box I have:


Reviews aren't that great at newegg, but I haven't had many issues, personally.


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Another link to a good antenna?