HD 3870 X2 review



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All in all, it's a very solid offering for the price, so long as you can take the power consumption. Anand seemed very impressed with the card, and even said that they would forget that it was a dual GPU solution because the gains were consistent in all games and the card worked quite well. The only thing the X2 lost to (in this comparison) was a pair of 8800GTs in SLI (which costs more). The nice thing about this solution is that it brings XF performance to any board with a PCIe slot--it doesn't matter what chipset you use, and since the XF communication is handled on-card, drivers are less of an issue.

It took a little trickery, but it looks like AMD/ATI has a ultra high-end product again! Hooray for competition! :)


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Good news indeed. I do not even see the 3870's on the shelf right now but I have seen the 8800GTs showing up and online pricing falling to $219 for the GT.

Quite the power Hog though. Noisy too.

I wonder how it does [email protected] I understand the next software client for GPU's will run on this card.
Right now, the GPU core is running on all new ATI cards, so we're excited to roll it out. We are using CAL now (ATI's hardware abstraction layer) and that seems to make life a lot easier, and also should make running a GPU client a lot easier from the point of view of donors, as the driver issues and complexities should now be resolved.