Have G200-Mill' - Keep Diamond Monster 1?



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Any point in keeping my trusty Diamond Monster (Voodoo1)now I have a G200?

I ask because I used to run a Viper330 using OpenGL ICQ drivers in Quake2 - and the quality was crap compared to 3dfx glide drivers. My old 3dfx games still use my Voodoo1, (eg. GTA) but am I benefitting on newer stuff running my G200 through my Voodoo1. I also wonder if there are problems with this setup?

Any help would be much appreciated ( system is PII 333 96MB RAM G200 millenium + Diamond Monster3D version1 (4mb))..


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If you have any games that use glide only, by all means, keep the diamond monster. If they use glide, d3d or opengl, try them all out with the g-200. If you find games look better or run better on the monster, keep it. There should be open gl drivers for the matrox card, you should try quake II with this card and see how it runs. It will probably look better than the monster.