Hauppauge help!!



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Is there some way to reset the bios on these boards (hardware or software)?? I seemed to fu**ed up the settings real bad and it won't work trying to set default settings.
It's like this.. I've tried some cable-tv softdecoders that mess with the hsync and vsync and some few other settings.
So, is there anyone that know a website or even better know how to really put it back to default settings?


Can you smell burning?
Have you tried their technical help.
Phone them or e-mail.
Barely know anything about your card but have just gone to hauppauge.com and from their web page you can e-mail tech support.
Most tech supports are quite helpful


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Trust me... this one isn't...
All i got from them was a "thank you! For this kind of issue we don't give support. Please contact the reseller".