Has anyone YET found a fix for the 9/12 MSFT update?



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I did a previous thread and followed some leads there but it is STILL there.

I don't know what (or if) I should pursue any further.

a check for updates shows

"No important updates"

The Update history shows 9/12/13

which were several Security updates for Office 2007 suites

Another (showing update of 9/11) was for Microsoft Office 2010

I've never used Office and so far as I know never installed it.

The computer came with Word STARTER and that has worked for my needs.

After this update that destroyed access to Word Starter with a
commercial to subscirbe to Office for $99 per year, I downloaded
OPEN OFFICE and it works fine.

But all previous PPS viewer and docs created with Word Starter are
oranged out and bring up the requirement to subscribe.

I still have Word Starter (at least it shows on my taskbar) and
it works but no docs associate automatically with it like they
used to.

QUESTION: Can I uninstall that mysteriously installed Microsoft Office 2010
without damaging what I still DO have?

I've disabled ALL Microsoft updates! :confused::confused:


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:mad:Link in OP says:

The company showed users how to reestablish file associations, but warned that in some cases customers may need to repair Office 2010 Starter Edition using the "Uninstall or change a program" Control Panel tool.
Where the hell does anything tell HOW to change the program?

I google "fix microsoft september update" and get to www.fixitnow

I'd sure appreciate knowing HOW to reestablish the associations with the program and DUMP the Office suite.

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I looked at that W7 link and it appears to address the problem, but it looks complicated for ME to try it.
Just scared since I got the blue screen of death last week from TRYING to eliminate the damn update.

Do you think uninstalling Microsoft Office 2010 would help the issue at all?
It's in my programs list but I never bought it.

Only WORD STARTER came with the machine.

And WS is in a separate program called: Microsoft Office Starter

That link looks good but I'm wondering if I should let Geek Squad follow the directions in it?
Open Office is working fine, but I wonder if it will open if I use it as an email attachment if the recipient hasn't downloaded Open Office.

I hate Microsoft with a passion now.

Sure wish I had LISTENED to those who said I should ...never.... update the stuff.



Which one, the System Restore or your backup?

If System Restore, did you try an earlier one?

If backup, do you have another you could try?


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Libre Office (also free) is a fork of Open Office, which came from Star Office. LO would probably be the best developed version now. Unless you have some complicated macros or formatting, LO should open Word docs. Have you tried? LO can save in .odt format or .doc.

Not a good month for MS updates.