hardisk controller problem



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attempting to up grade an "AST 486 Advantage" model #503172-001 Installed western Digital IDE Cavier 2.1gig. on primary/ide/master. The cdrom as primary/ide/slave. the original HDD 640mg. on secondary/master. Device Mgr. does not list any cdrom controler, or drive, nor any hard disk. I have the infamous yellow!, on primary, and secondary controlers. The parent device is listed as "CMD PCI-0640 PCI to IDE Controller". I can force the cdrom to function by codeing drivers in the config and autoexec. All three drives are in "DOS compability mode", none listed in device mgr. whats the answer?


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I have a AST advantage 626 and it is making weird noises and freezes up, sometimes in e mail mode or even loading a floppy, random freeze up, lock up. the hard disk controller shows two