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Ok fellas, can you all download this HD utility and then see how your HD performs..i want to compare and see how much diff. there is between 5400 & 7200, and the manufacturers:


My Maxtor 10gig 7200rpm HD scored:
random access- 13.7mbps
read burst- 25mbps
max read speed- 14694kps
avg read speed- 13238.1kps

Please post your results here


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OK, mine is small (she tells me it's not the size...) 3.4GB MAXTOR, 5400RPM, UDMA33 Here are the results :
>>ave read speed - 11486.8kps
>>read burst speed - 23.5mbps
>>random access - 15.7ms

and just for kicks - external Zip drive:
>> 163.6kps
>> 0.2mbps
>> 49.6ms



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My results with an IDE Quantum Fireball EX:

Max read speed: 13290kps
Average read speed: 11332kps
Random access time: 14.5ms
Read burst speed: 23.9mbps
CPU Utilisation: 44.8%

In other words, your read times are about 10-15% faster. Are you using SCSI or IDE?


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okay, okay...I got it now...the server must be down or something.

My HD is IBM deskstar 10 GB 7200 IDE
Anyway, here is the result:
Read Speed max. 13248.0
min. 8436.0
avg. 11369.7
Random Access Time 12.7
Read Burst Speed 27.1


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I downloaded the hard drive test and performance measurement utility today (HDtach) and used it. The shareware version will only test the Read throughput etc. It will not do the write tests anymore - I have to pay money and register to get the write tests etc. They figured a way to make money :) I found another utility called DiskSpeed Test written by Alexander Grigoriev. This can be found on the net and is a DOS program that does a simpl read/write test. I have searched hard and can't find any shareware that is decent performance test for hardware throughputs. In any case....I have found useful info on this site, and add this as my contribution.

As for as the numbers go, the numbers you guys give above are meaningful only considering what type of drive you have (PIO, UDMA mode 2, UDMA mode 4 etc). Also one has to take into account the disk buffer size available. I got a UDMA4 disk capable of 66 MB/s but am struggling with my controller card (Inclose) to get it working at that speed in Win98. Right now my mobo UDMA-33 controller gives me a average Read numbers around 25 MB/s :-(

Please note that I don't check my email much at above address.


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IBM 75GXP 30Gb ATA-100 HDD with a Promise ATA-100 PCI Controller Card

Max - 37046Kbps
Min - 22495Kbps
Ave - 34805Kbps

RAT - 9.4ms
RBS - 69.4Mbps
CPU - 7.4%

I often peg the RBS at 80+Mbps, but tonight it just didn't want to perform. When it pegs the RBS, I usually have about 3-4% CPU utilization. Average read usually stays around 35000Kbps.


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Highpoint Raid-0 Array, consisting of:

- 6.4Gb Fujitsu 5,400rpm UDMA/33
- 6.4Gb Quantum 5,400rpm UDMA/33

Random Access - 13.4ms
Read Burst - 34.8mpbs
Max Read Speed - 27,016 kps
Avg Read Speed - 22,779.4 kps
Min Read Speed - 18,441 kps

CPU Utilisation - 10.6%

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OK so what is going on this is the third time today I've seen a post which is a blast from the past, and it is scaring me!

WHY, what is going on, I never got round to posting the first time, though I ofcourse did d/l it back then, so mine does do the write test.

Ive got a IBM 14GXP 10.1 UDMA33, so the result match that other chap whose using IBM...

Cyrix MII

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LMAO! yea most of us don't really pay attention to the date until someone mention it. Someone must had intentionally brought it back from the dead at the bottom of the forum.