harddrive swap



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i have a toshiba a85 laptop with a 40gb drive which is full looking at a wd 120 gb drive are yhese universal like a desktop? also when i did my desktop it came with a cable and i put it in an open bay to format and copy files how do you do this on a laptop? thanks:confused: :


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you need to find out if it is a EIDE or SATA laptop drive first. A85 doesn't tell enough about the model. They would both be 2.5" drives.

most laptops can only use 1 drive. If you want to make an exact image, You'd have to make an image of the drive using something like trueimage, then restore the image to the new drive. If you just want to transfer data, then just connect an external usb or other backup device. If you don't have backup storage for your laptop, you better get some.

If you have the right adapters, you could connect the drives in a desktop system and do the transfer there.