Hard Drive RPMs n such



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Alright, I know hard drives are rated different speeds rpm wise, but whats the mean? 4500, 5400, 7200? Is there any noticable difference in 4500 and say 5400?
Just wondering is all . . .


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There is more to HDD than RPM's. Access time and cache play a big role. You might have a HDD that spins at 5400 but if the access time is around 10 or 11ms, what do you gain? You won't notice much difference until you get to 7200 RPM, and the only one thats makes those is IBM, I believe.


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Josh, Alan is right. Milli Second's(ms} is more imporant, as is cache memory. Rpm is the speed the disk turns at. Alan S, Segate makes H/D's at 7200 rpm & 9.5ms, just info.