Hard drive instalation



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I have a amd 486 dx 4 system. I know it
is old but I am poor. I am out of hard drive
space. I spoke to people who said to purchase
a new one there would be no problem installing it. One guys even looked at bios
and checked some LMD OR LBD thing and
said my system would have no problem supporting it. I ordered a new western digital 8.4 for 170.00.
Now some of my friends are saying it wont work in my system becuase the controller card
will need to be changed. WILL it work.
I was hoping by changing the hard drive out
that I could save up for the rest of the components to build a new system. DO any of
you see a problem in operating this hard drive with my current system. THANKS Steven


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If that "LMD or LBD thing" actually is LBA, then it should work. LBA supports up to 8.4 GB.


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It should work, but keep in mind which operating system you are using. Fat 16 only supports 2.0 gb partitions and you can have only 4 partitions per hard drive, so you would lose 400 mb space. Be careful when installing the western digital software that makes the drive compatible, as I have seen it cause data loss. Good Luck