halflife frame rate problems



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when i play halflife in opengl i get about 40fps in 640x480 and about 20-30 fps in 640x480 4xfsaa, it is using the default opengl because when i click on the 3dfx minigl it says my card does not support it. does anyone no how i can boost the speed, i thought this card was supposed to be fast.
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I have never used a V5, but when you play first-person games such as half-life, 4xFSAA will absolutely kill the frame rate. I suggest you use the "single-chip" FSAA mode. (I think that's right...) You should be able to get at least 40+ full time with that setup. Try running in higher resolutions and with less FSAA.

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Download this <A HREF="http://"http://www.wicked3d.com"" TARGET=_blank>Wicked-3D</A> Open GL driver, i use it and get a constant 99fps, then change it to 3dfx mini driver.


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Did you update directly to from the first update of Half-Life (I think it was If you did it screws up your mini-gl because of something valve messed up in the code. Try either getting an earlier version such as then updating from that to the latest or try to find the fix for it has something to do with the drvmap.txt in the gldrv folder in HL