Halflife and Win2K



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>>I guess noone has tried half-life and Win2K?

Hello Everyone,

I installed Window 2000 Pro on my system and am testing the theory that it is not a good game platform.

I have running-
Delta Force 2
MS Combat Flight Simulator
Dark Reign 2

so far.. am going to try
MS Close Combat 3 next

With Half-Life, the in-game works great, but if I try to Escape out to the menus, I get a blank black screen. I can hit Esc. a couple more times and the game will pop up. So basically, I can't leave a game normally.

Has anyone met and conquered this problem yet? I am pretty sure it has to do with video mode switching.

So far, Win2K has been rock solid for the games mentioned, and is faster and smoother that Windows 98.

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