Half_life Problem!!!!!!



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well eversinced i've gotten cable modem and i try to play Half-Life, TFC, or Counter-strike on the internet, it would take about 30 mins for it to log in. Plus the light stays on the whole time and i can hear the Computer Readin. When i finally get in, after i click on Internet games, then when i click update it would take another 30mins until and again the computer reads and the light stays on the whole time and i can't click anything. Then finally a small black screen appears and starts to count down the server. What the hell is going on!!!! Is it because of the cable Modem

My Comp:

800mhz Athlon
K7V mother board have latest drivers
3d Prophet 2 GTS 64MB have latest drivers
Sounterblaster LIve x-gamer have latest drivers
128MB Of RAm



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i'm moving you to the gaming forum where you'll be better served.


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I have cable modem too. But I have never played half life over teh net yet But the same typr of deal happend on other games 2. Maybe it is the cable modem.

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Just make sure you're set to custom or Lan/DSL settings in the multiplayer screen.

30min? I wouldn't even wait that long to find out it takes 30 min.


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If you're using the latest patch I would guess that you are just updating the server and have no filters set so it's updating all of the HL/TFC/CS servers. This takes a long time whether you are on cable modem or not. It shouldn't take 30 minutes but it takes a hella long time, there are thousands of players and hundreds of servers. If you are not running the most current patch it could be a big pain and possibly the cause.

The first thing I would do would be to narrow down the filters. For example show only the servers with <200 ping, choose only servers playing a specific game, eg. TFC, etc. Once you narrow it down a little it should take much less time.

If that doesn't work the next thing I would look into would be a program that lists and refreshes servers. My favorite is Kali but there are many others like Gamespy and the free Pingtool. I never use the in-game interface to get into games anymore because Kali is so much faster.


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You definately have to set your filter up...if not you will get 1000's of IP's where you can play. And it doesn't surprise me that it would take a half hour!!


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well, I do set my speed to DSL and i do filter it, It's just really weird because when the computer reads for 30mins the modem light doesn't flashes so it's not communicating with the internet.