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I have a 32mg diamond viper 770 ultra in my system at the moment,I have the chance to change to a creative labs 32 mg 256 anhialator would that be a good move ?or should i sell my viper 770 and put the cash to a 64mg creative ultra pro.
one other thing the guy in pc world said that pci cards are as good as agp and bench exactly the that true ?
or is that they only sell pc'sthat have onboard graphics and no agp slots ?


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I don't know the actual numbers between the pci and agp, but I am almost certain that the agp would be faster in games and such because of its increased bandwidth. You wont see a difference in regular windows applications.



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Thats what i thought.......seems they are full of it down at that store .what about the better card ?diamond 770 viper ultra or the creative 128 anahalator they are both agp by the way


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GeForce card is noticeably faster than TNT2U...Personally though, I opted for an upgrade from TNT2U to GeForce2 GTS

You can wait for NV20......

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