Graphic Accelerator for My pc. Worth it?



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Is it worth getting a 3d accelerator for my pc? I've have a PII 233, 64ram & a diamond 2000 4meg video card. If so, what should I get? I want to be able to play all the high end games possible w/o having to get a brand new pc for a year or 2.
Thx for the help, Shervie2



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Yes. I have exactly the same setup (although I'm ditching the Diamond as soon as my new card arrives) and a 3D accelerator will make a big difference on your Pentium II.

What you get depends on your budget and what you need. For the absolute best 3D performance, get 2 Voodoo2 cards. If that's too expensive then a single Voodoo2 will also get you very big 3D performance gains. (Both Voodoo2 solutions mean you keep the Diamond.) If you want to replace the Diamond with a good 2D/3D combo then right now a TnT-based card is probably your best bet.