Grand Prix 3



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Has anybody bought this game yet? Please tell me your opinions and also any problems that you encounter.


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No problems....but game is awesome.

And there is some expandability such as cars to Download


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Thanks for your input Proceed. I've searched reviews on the net, but they are too brief.

I'd like to know, how does the game deal with pitstops and sudden failures (i.e engine, transmission etc during the race) and does the AI and car performance/handling varies between teams/AI drivers?

And to what degree can you make adjustments on the car? (e.g Could you make a Prost better than a McLaren or Ferrari?

Sorry for asking so much. They did advertise it as realistic, so I'm a bit curious...


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You can adjust front and rear wing, brake bias and change tyres at the easy level. At higher levels you change how each individual wheel acts during driving. You can also record how the changes affects performance.
I am just a casual gamer when it comes to racing games, but I hope this helps in your decision


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Thanks, Venger. Very nice link

Features don't expect to appear
  • Management
  • Race commentator
  • Livery editor, such as GP2edit
  • Driver/team personalities
  • Animals on the track
  • Pit babes
  • Hidden tracks/cheat codes
  • Ability to walk back to pits, etc...

What!! No pit babes? I'm disappointed. So much talk about realism...


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All I can say is who cares what it doesn't have, just take a look at what it does have!

It's the most realistic F1 sim i've ever played, I particulary like the car setup where it allows you to alter the car's handling in great detail. From what I hear, there will be a "Livery Editor" as it uses the same "JAM" file format as GP2....

Great game, no going back to GP2

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BTW, I was j/k on my last post.
I did not see info on engines. Can you set engine horsepower and torque?

I read the latest reviews, and IMO it is very good.


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I got the game yesterday and YES, it is very realistic. Think it is worth its money. Would have like if they have added some pit comentary like in the F1 game from Eidos.