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OK, just left school, spent life savings on a new system, got a job, now I have some money.

My question is: Keep my GF2 MX or upgrade?

My budget could stretch to a GF3, but that'd take 2 months. I can get a Asus GTS for £118. Kyro 2s look good, but they are not up to the performance of a GTS. I would consider a Radeon, but how good are VE versions?

On the other hand, I could wait for a while until GF3s come down in price, or Radeon 2 comes out. I wouldn't mind using the good old MX for a while longer.

My new system is:
Duron 800 (to be at 7.5x133)
Asus A7V133
Maxtor 7200rpm drive
448mb PC133
12x DVD

What do you think then? Wait for a while, or upgrade?

I won't bore you with my system specs..


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the low end Radeons like the VE are nothing special, in fact I think they are slower than your Mx, though I'm not sure of that.

You can get a GTS for less than £118 if you don't mind what make it is, can't remember where I saw it but I found one on the net for £102.

To be honist I'd stick with the MX for now, there isn't really anything out there which will give you enough extra power to be worth the upgrade, not until the GF3's come down in price a bit anyway. I intend to wait for Radeon II and Kyro III before I upgrade my MX.

In the mean time you might try overclocking it, I have taken my Herc Prophet IIMX to 180 core, 220 Memory and it flys like the wind (about 2650 in 3DMark 2K1). I'm gonna get some proper cooling for it and see what I can get.

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Sound advice

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It is overclocked. 210 core 175 memory.

The only reason it is crap at the mo is because it is paired up with a K6-2

I haven't actually got the parts for the new PC yet, but it is all ordered and should be here soon.

I'll probably be impressed when my card is powered by something a bit more powerful than a K6-2

I won't bore you with my system specs..


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The bottlenecks on your system are the K6-2 FPU and the memory bandwidth (memory bandwidth is poor due to L2 cache only running at FSB speed).

It's not worth changing your gfx card, especially not for a Geforce3!

I paid £115 for an Abit KT7A + Duron 750 at a computer fair recently. If I was you I'd spend the money on a new mobo+CPU


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I just asked a similar question a couple of days ago... I believe the people here are right. For the time there aren't really any games that require the gf3 anyhow. Mise well stick with the MX until you need to upgrade.

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Blinky - Did you read the first post?
By the time I had a GF3, it would be in a Duron 1ghz machine.

Thanks for the replies anyway, looks like I'll be keeping this MX. Another question - how do the other Radeons perform, like 32mb DDR and the VIVO? Would they be a lot better than my MX?

I won't bore you with my system specs..